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Deep Cleaning, Housekeeping & Wall Painting Services in Juhu

Those who need housekeeping, painters and deep cleaning services in Juhu, can contact Infinite X-Tensions for the professional help.

Moreover, Infinite X-Tensions is the leading name in the field of facility services. With the help of our dedicated leaders, management team, operation managers, and expert janitors, we are giving facility services to many leading organizations and premium residential societies.

In addition, as we have surplus work force, and existing infrastructure, thus we do help those who needs deep home cleaning services, and office cleaning services in Juhu, and all the other parts of this city.

Therefore, if you do need the help in full cleaning of home and office intensively, we may help you. However, we have limited number of expert cleaners. Thus, we reserve the slots on first come first serve basis. To reserve your slot for the deep cleaning, you will need to contact us on given mobile number, and after discussion, you can reserve the slot. Our phone lines are open 24×7. Thus, if you are an NRI, and want to reserve the slot for the cleaning of your property located in Mumbai, feel free to contact us anytime.

Deep Cleaning Services Juhu

Deep cleaning is the concept of top to bottom cleaning of any property with the help of skilled workers and machineries. Infinite X-Tensions is giving deep cleaning services in Juhu. This is available for residential properties, as well as commercial properties.

Moreover, deep cleaning is important to keep your property in right condition. Thus, if you want to maintain your property for long, try to do at-least 2 times of deep cleaning in a year. This service will reduce the deterioration rate of the property, and it will look fresh for the long time. In addition, this service will reduce the rate of property maintenance cost in long run. There are many other benefit of deep cleaning like, keep the patients in safe environment after operation, complete cleaning before special occasions like, Diwali cleaning, pre and post party cleaning, etc.

Office Cleaning Services in Juhu

House Cleaning Services Juhu

Home cleaning services Juhu

This is the fact that every property decaying with time. However, we can slow the spoiling process with the help of deep property cleaning services. In Juhu, Infinite X-Tensions giving professional cleaning services for residential properties. Thus, if you have villa or residential flat, you can contact us for the home cleaning services in Juhu. This process involves top to bottom cleaning of the property to keep it fresh and sanitized. In addition, with property deep cleaning, you can add some additional services like sofa cleaning services, chair-cleaning services, mattress cleaning services, wall-cleaning services, wall-repair services and wall-painting services. Moreover, the rates and services included in flat cleaning services are as follows

Flat Cleaning Rates in Juhu

Property Type Deep Cleaning (Furnished) Deep Cleaning (Empty)
1BHK Flat Cleaning ₹5200 ₹4500
2BHK Flat Cleaning ₹6200 ₹5500
3BHK Flat Cleaning ₹7200 ₹6500

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What Includes in Professional Home Cleaning Services?

Flat cleaning services Juhu

Professional home cleaning services include cleaning of almost every section of the residence. However, based on the requirement of the residents, and status of the property, we divided professional house cleaning in two parts. First is express or general cleaning of the home, and 2nd is the full cleaning of the home. The list of the services given below and we tried to include almost everything in deep cleaning.

In addition, list of the other optional services do given below, which you can add in cleaning package. However, if we missed anything, we will add them based on your request. Feel free to contact us on our 24×7 phone line, to discuss and to confirm the booking of professional cleaning services in Juhu.

Service We Offer Others
Floor Cleaning By moving the furniture Without moving the furniture or ask extra amount.
Window Cleaning Included Included
Fan, lights, switch cleaning Included Included
Kitchen Cleaning Included with internal & External
cleaning of the cabinets/Racks.
Only External Cleaning Included
Washroom Cleaning
(Toilet & Bathroom Cleaning)
(Intensive cleaning)
(Extra Charges for intensive cleaning)
Cobweb Removal Included Included
Floor Scrubbing Included
(Industrial Floor Cleaning Machine Available on demand)
May Charge Extra
Dusting/Vacuum Cleaning of Furniture Included by Moving Them May Charge extra to move the furniture.
Curtain Vacuum Cleaning Included Not Included
Refrigerator Cleaning Included Not Included
Vacuum Cleaning of Lofts Included Not Included
Cleaning Workers In-House, Trained & Reliable 3rd Party Service, Unreliable Daily Wage Workers
Support 24×7 Phone Call
and field manager
Mail support and standard automated answers.
Payment Onsite Post Cleaning Service Full Advance or Partial Advance Payment

Other Optional Services

Carpet cleaning service Juhu
  • Sofa Shampoo Service: ₹250/Seat
  • Mattress Shampoo Service:
    • Single bed: ₹750
    • Double Bed: ₹1500
  • Wet Wall Cleaning (Possible only on plastic/washable paints)
    • 1BHK Flat: ₹1000
    • 2BHK Flat: ₹1500
    • 3BHK Flat: ₹2000
  • Wall Repair & Painting Services

Professional Housekeeping Service in Juhu

Housekeeping Services Juhu

Most of the commercial spaces and residential building needs deep cleaning because they do not have competent housekeeping support. Otherwise, there is no need of professional cleaning.

Moreover, this is the fact that professional housekeeping involves many processes, work force, machines, and expert supervision. In addition, knowledge of chemical science is equally important. Therefore, if you really care for hygiene, and want to see the commercial or residential space sparkle clean, always get the services from professional housekeeping companies.

Infinite X-Tensions does provide professional housekeeping services in Juhu. However, we are giving our services to the premium properties only. Thus, if any company or premium residential housing society searching for the best housekeeping in Juhu, feel free to contact Infinite X-Tensions. We would love to help you in the maintenance of your space.

Wall Repair and Wall Painting Services in Juhu

Wall Painting Services Juhu

Infinite X-Tensions is committed to reduce your tensions. Thus, our list of the service does include wall repair and wall-painting services in Juhu. In addition, whenever you hire us to repaint your walls, we will take care of the home cleaning as well.

Moreover, like deep cleaning, we do operate painting service professionally. Therefore, now you have a reliable company, to whom you can trust. During wall painting, our supervisors and operation managers will look after your property. Thus, once the contract finalize, you just need to hand over the keys, and our team will take care of your property, and complete the job on time.

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