Cumbala Hill Deep Cleaning, Housekeeping, and Painting services. Offce cleaning, House cleaning, Carpet cleaning, sofa cleaning, mattress cleaning company in South-Bombay.

Professional Cleaning Service in Cumbala Hill

The Prime properties of South Bombay need special care. That includes wall repair, painting, and deep cleaning. In addition, residential societies and corporate offices need trained and reliable workers to keep their offices/society-premises clean and maintained. For such needs, you can contact Infinite X-Tensions, to get mechanized and professional wall-repair, painting, housekeeping, and deep cleaning services in Cumbala-Hill, South Mumbai.

Moreover, Infinite X-Tensions is giving its services in the premium segments. Thus, we do not compromise in terms of the quality of the service. Our team includes operation manager, supervisor, trained deep cleaning, and housekeeping janitors. With the help of our dedicated staff, we are capable to deeply clean, and maintain all size of projects.

Office Deep-Cleaning Services in Cumbala-Hills

Corporates has specific requirement of deep cleaning services. Some of them are carpet cleaning, chair cleaning, washroom/toilet cleaning, wall cleaning sofa cleaning, and the combination of all. Infinite X-Tensions has all the equipments, specialized chemicals and trained work force to clean the corporate spaces. Thus, those corporate companies needs intensive cleaning services for their offices located in Cumbala-Hills and all the other localities of South-Mumbai, feel free to contact us.

Our Premium Clients

House Cleaning Rates in Cumbala-Hills, South-Mumbai

Home Cleaning Cumbala Hill, South Mumbai

The rate for the home cleaning services in Cumbala-Hills (South Bombay), depends on many factors (including type of the property and area of the property). However, we fixed the rates of the most general type of the residential spaces, which you can see here.

Property Type Deep Cleaning (Furnished) Deep Cleaning (Empty)
1BHK Flat Cleaning ₹5200 ₹4500
2BHK Flat Cleaning ₹6200 ₹5500
3BHK Flat Cleaning ₹7200 ₹6500

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Details of Professional Cleaning Services

We tried to include all the sections of the property in this list of professional cleaning services. However, if we missed something, feel free to contact us, and let us know your requirement. We are open to include the services as per your need.

Service We Offer Others
Floor Cleaning By moving the furniture Without moving the furniture or ask extra amount.
Window Cleaning Included Included
Fan, lights, switch cleaning Included Included
Kitchen Cleaning Included with internal & External
cleaning of the cabinets/Racks.
Only External Cleaning Included
Washroom Cleaning
(Toilet & Bathroom Cleaning)
(Intensive cleaning)
(Extra Charges for intensive cleaning)
Cobweb Removal Included Included
Floor Scrubbing Included
(Industrial Floor Cleaning Machine Available on demand)
May Charge Extra
Dusting/Vacuum Cleaning of Furniture Included by Moving Them May Charge extra to move the furniture.
Curtain Vacuum Cleaning Included Not Included
Refrigerator Cleaning Included Not Included
Vacuum Cleaning of Lofts Included Not Included
Cleaning Workers In-House, Trained & Reliable 3rd Party Service, Unreliable Daily Wage Workers
Support 24×7 Phone Call
and field manager
Mail support and standard automated answers.
Payment Onsite Post Cleaning Service Full Advance or Partial Advance Payment

Other Optional Services

  • Sofa Shampoo Service: ₹250/Seat
  • Mattress Shampoo Service:
    • Single bed: ₹750
    • Double Bed: ₹1500
  • Wet Wall Cleaning (Possible only on plastic/washable paints)
    • 1BHK Flat: ₹1000
    • 2BHK Flat: ₹1500
    • 3BHK Flat: ₹2000
  • Wall Repair & Painting Services

Professional Housekeeping Service in Cumbala-Hills

Premium residential societies need professional housekeeping to keep the common areas clean. In addition, corporate offices do need the same to maintain the hygiene throughout the year. We have the expertise in giving such services. Thus, all the residential societies, and corporate companies can contact Infinite X-Tensions to get the professional housekeeping services in Cumbala-Hills.

Wall Repair & Wall-Painting Services in Cumbala-Hills

Painters in Cumbala Hill

To reduce your tensions in terms of wall repair and wall-painting service, we do provide it in Cumbala-Hill area. You just need to contact Infinite X-Tensions, and our operation team will co-ordinate with you regarding site inspection, estimate generation, and wall painting services in Cumbala-Hills.

Moreover, as a traditional facility service provider, we tried to keep the process as simple as possible and practical. Thus, now no need to deal with the unverified painters, contractors and cleaning agencies. Just dial the number of Infinite X-Tensions, and get the reliable services from the single roof.

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