Cleaning service rates in Mumbai. Professional cleaning service rates. Home Cleaning Rates in Mumbai. Industrial cleaning service is available in Mumbai, Thane, Navi-Mumbai and all the Industrial zones of Maharashtra. Call us to get the quotation for all type of cleaning.

Charges for Home Cleaning Services

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Property Type Express Cleaning
Starting From
Deep Cleaning
Starting From
Cleaning Service Includes Other Available Services
(Extra Charges)
1BHK Flat
(Up to 450 sq. feet)
Rs.4500 Rs.5200
  1. Floor Cleaning.
  2. Door/Window Cleaning.
  3. Sliding Tracks of doors and windows.
  4. Cleaning of mosquito nets, window grills.
  5. Kitchen Cleaning (inside/outside cleaning of kitchen racks & Cabinets).
  6. Washroom Cleaning.
  7. Dusting and Vacuum Cleaning of all the sections of the property including, all major electrical fittings, sofa, beds, wall units.
  1. Carpet Cleaning Service.
  2. Wet Wall Cleaning Services .
  3. Sofa/Chair Shampoo & Steam Cleaning Service .
  4. Mattress Shampoo & Steam Cleaning Service. .
2BHK Flat
(Up to 750 sq. feet)
Rs.5500 Rs.6200
3BHK Flat
(Up to 1150 sq. feet)
Rs.6500 Rs.7200
4BHK Flat
(Up to 1550 sq. feet)
Rs.7500 Rs.8200

More details on Deep Cleaning Service

1BHK FLAT Deep Cleaning(Up to 600 sq. feet)

Rs. 5200/- (Rs. 1000/- extra for wet wall washing).

2BHK FLAT Deep Cleaning(Up to 900 sq. feet)

Rs. 6200/- (Rs. 1500/- extra for wet wall washing).

3BHK FLAT Deep Cleaning(Up to 1400 sq. feet)

Rs. 7200/- (Rs. 2000/- extra for wet wall washing).

4BHK FLAT Deep Cleaning(Up to 2500 sq. feet)

Rs. 8200/- (Rs. 3000/- extra for wet wall washing.

Deep Cleaning Service includes

  • Floor cleaning (By moving the furnitures).
  • Doors and Window Cleaning.
  • Connecting Channels of Sliding Doors and Windows.
  • Mosquito Net Cleaning. Metallic grills of windows, welcome doors and all the other areas where it is installed.
  • Fan, Tube-lights, Switch Boards, TV, Sofa, Table and any other cabinets which are installed anywhere at you home.
  • Kitchen Area cleaning including inner grills of your kitchen cabinets, external cleaning of every electrical appliances etc.
  • Toilet, Bathroom cleaning service includes cleaning of all the mirrors, partition glasses or metallic fixtures.

In short, we will clean everything. And for us, everything means every corner of your home. Our services are available @ every corner of Mumbai, Thane and other nearby areas of Mumbai.

More About Xpress Cleaning

1BHK Flat Xpress Cleaning (Up to 600 sq. feet)

Rs. 4500/- (Rs. 1000/- extra for wet wall washing)

2BHK Flat Xpress Cleaning (Up to 900 sq. feet)

Rs. 5500/- (Rs. 1500/- extra for wet wall washing)

3BHK Flat xpress cleaning (Up to 1400 sq. feet)

Rs. 6500/- (Rs. 2000/- extra for wet wall washing).

4BHK Flat Xpress Cleaning (Up to 2500 sq. feet).

Rs. 7500/- (Rs. 3000/- extra for wet wall washing).

Xpress Cleaning Service includes

  • Floor cleaning (without moving the furnitures)
  • Cleaning of doors, windows, grills, and sliding tracks.
  • Kitchen Cleaning (External Only)
  • Washroom Cleaning (including pot, tap, sinks, mirrors).

Note: Express Cleaning is useful for empty flats. For furnished flats, must go with deep cleaning service.

Customize Cleaning Service for Residences

If your requirement is single-bathroom cleaning, Single Room cleaning or Kitchen Deep Cleaning, then it will cost you Rs.3500 each.

Kitchen Cleaning/Bathroom-Cleaning/Single Room Cleaning Rate:
Rs. 3500/-.

Cleaning/Housekeeping staff for parties or events:
Rs.2000/day for 1 housekeeping staff.

» Extra charges are applicable for Sofa Shampoo and wet wall-washing.
» In Case of Modular Kitchen, the charges will be extra.
» Payment Mode: Cash Only (For Domestic Housekeeping).
» Ladder and water should be arranged by client. In case of unavailability of ladder, it should be informed during the time of booking. .

1 Time Cleaning Rates (Deep Cleaning and Xpress Cleaning) Inclusive of

  • Housekeeping Staff Charges.
  • Cleaning Machine Charges.
  • Cleaning Material Charges.
  • Cleaning Chemical Charges.
  • Transportation Charges.

For any other customized cleaning related services/Commercial Housekeeping/Office-Housekeeping service etc.
Feel free to contact us.

Available Cleaning Equipments

  1. Auto Scrubbing Machine: Useful to clean hard floor.
    Tile Cleaning Service
  2. Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner: Useful to remove dust and dirts from upholestry and corners.
    Vacuum Cleaning service
  3. Hand Scrubbing Machine: Useful for pointed floor scrubbing.
    Hand Scrubbing Machine

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