Urban Home Cleaning by Infinite Xtensions | No midiator, No-Broker, Hire the best house cleaning professionals directly. Just Clap and get the Urban Cleaning Professionals to clean your residence.

Urban Home Cleaning | No-Broker For Cleaning, Infinite X-Tension is the actual Cleaning Company with inhouse Janitors and cleaning infrastructure. | Service Available in Mumbai, Navi-Mumbai and Thane.

Urban Home Cleaning Rates by Infinite X-Tensions

Property Type Deep Cleaning
(Furnished Flat)
Deep Cleaning
(Empty Flat)
1BHK Flat Cleaning ₹5200 ₹4500
2BHK Flat Cleaning ₹6200 ₹5500
3BHK Flat Cleaning ₹7200 ₹6500

For 4BHk flat cleaning, office cleaning, building cleaning, industrial cleaning or cleaning of other premium properties, please contact us. We will schedule the free site inspection to understand your need, and generate the estimate.

Service We Offer Others
Floor Cleaning By moving the furniture Without moving the furniture or ask extra amount.
Window Cleaning Included Included
Fan, lights, switch cleaning Included Included
Kitchen Cleaning Included with internal & External
cleaning of the cabinets/Racks.
Only External Cleaning Included
Washroom Cleaning
(Toilet & Bathroom Cleaning)
(Intensive cleaning)
(Extra Charges for intensive cleaning)
Cobweb Removal Included Included
Floor Scrubbing Included
(Industrial Floor Cleaning Machine Available on demand)
May Charge Extra
Dusting/Vacuum Cleaning of Furniture Included by Moving Them May Charge extra to move the furniture.
Curtain Vacuum Cleaning Included Not Included
Refrigerator Cleaning Included Not Included
Vacuum Cleaning of Lofts Included Not Included
Cleaning Workers In-House, Trained & Reliable 3rd Party Service, Unreliable Daily Wage Workers
Support 24×7 Phone Call
and field manager
Mail support and standard automated answers.
Payment Onsite Post Cleaning Service Full Advance or Partial Advance Payment

Note: if anything is missing from residential apartment cleaning service list, please call us and let us know about it. We assure that we will include that section as well.

Other Optional Services

Some of the services are optional, and client can avail them by paying extra charges. The list of the such services given below.

  1. Wet Wall Cleaning (to remove the stains from the walls coated with washable/plastic paints)
    • 1BHK Flat Wall Cleaning: ₹4500
    • 2BHK Flat Wall Cleaning: ₹5500
    • 3BHK Flat Wall Cleaning: ₹6500
  2. Chair & Sofa Cleaning Service (Sofa Shampoo Cleaning Services).
    • Sofa Shampoo Service: ₹250/Seat
    • Chair Shampoo Service: ₹125/Seat
  3. Mattress Cleaning Services (Steam cleaning & Shampoo Cleaning).
  4. Carpet Cleaning Service (Carpet steam cleaning & Carpet Shampoo services).
  5. Doorstep Car Deep Cleaning Services.
  6. Herbal Pest Control Services.
  7. Wall Painting Services After Painting Cleaning Services
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